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Configure products and create specs with ease.

Built With You In Mind

For architects, engineers and designers - create the exact product configuration for your project from the expansive catalog of Morris Group Family companies.

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Get exclusive access to Morris Group International's wide range of plumbing and drainage products.

Turn Your Specs Into Quotes

Add product specs from your dashboard or from the Morris Group International product catalog and create quotes quickly.

No more impossible configurations, no more hassles with long order forms. The SpecBuilder analyzes your inputs and changes available options based on your selections, saving you time.

Get Real-time Spec Analysis

Create your own personal library of specifications. Use folders to organize specs by project. Move, edit and delete specs to create the perfect room or building.

Save Your Specs into Libraries

E-mail your spec to a colleague and access related documents such as drawings, submittals and literature.

Share Specs and Related Documents

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